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Apr 1, 2019

And just like that, we're back where we started -- SLEEP!

When you open up your podcast app today you'll see I'm revisiting the topic that kicked off the podcast -- Sleep. Since sleepless nights plague many of us after 40 it's always worthy for a discussion and especially in light of the fact that so many folks who follow me on Instagram have asked about my gravity blanket.

So that's what I'm doing today... discussing my weighted blanket and more ... with Dr. Kara Mohr (yes, you've met her hubs on the show before, Chris Mohr.) Specifically, Kara is sharing more about how the habits we’ve developed during the day may be setting us up for tossing and turning at night. We cover:

  • our mutual love for weighted blankets and Kara's personal recommendation for Gravity Blankets and a sunrise alarm
  • the importance of keeping your "work/office space" outside of your bedroom to avoid sleepless nights
  • how choices to enjoy an extra glass of wine in the evening or to stay up a little later should be intentional with the knowledge that it will disturb sleep
  • Kara's history with getting what she thought was "enough sleep" only to realize it was adversely impacting her overall mood and day-to-day interactions

I close out today's episode with additional follow up about a recent recipe I mentioned at the beginning of a recent {wednesday rewind} of The Protein {Powder} Episode and shared on the blog and -- the recipe for How I Created My Own High-Fiber Protein Powder. I share insight into my discussion with dietitian colleague Danielle Omar about "how much fiber" is actually in this recipe and how/why some people might want to use less. I end the show by sharing two voicemails I received recently from fellow dietitian and fan of the show, Lauren Harris-Pincus -- a self-proclaimed F-Factor fan -- about the prebiotic inulin fiber she's subbing into her version of the F-Factor 20/20 protein powder and the results she's having.


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