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Mar 27, 2019

As retailers look for ways to stay competitive in providing straight-to-your-door service, grocery delivery has become a huge business. Most unmillennials may not remember the days of the milkman delivering to your doorstep, but there’s a good chance we may be having milk and more delivered to our homes today.


Mar 20, 2019

As unmillennials, choosing a “protein powder” used to mean choosing between vanilla or chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast powder. But walk down the supplement aisle of your local supermarket and you may wonder if you’re actually in a bodybuilder’s kitchen. Mega-jars of protein powders have gone mainstream,...

Mar 18, 2019

As a feature at the end of every episode, Odds & Ends has become a popular part of the show to get caught up on topics and bring new ones into the conversation. In this bonus episode, I discuss: 

Mar 13, 2019

As unmillennials we’ve come a long way since the days of leotards and legwarmers. And while group fitness has evolved over the years, one thing remains true — the best fitness routine for YOU is the one you’ll actually do consistently and love.

I’ve shared on the show that my personal choice for fitness is 

Mar 11, 2019

You know you’re unmillennial when you’re buying acne cream for both you and your teenager. Adult acne becomes a new complaint for many women at midlife. Today’s episode discusses why it occurs and how to treat it.

In this episode with my guest from The Skin Cancer Episode, Dr. Emily Keller, we discuss:

  • the...