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Nov 19, 2018

Often marketed as a means to help current smokers quit, e-cigarettes have unfortunately given birth to an entirely new generation of inhalers. The popularity of vaping among teens is on the rise, with juuling leading the way.

Parents who listen to the show have expressed concerned about the popularity of juuling and risks associated with vaping and requested a show to address both. As a result, I sought out Jamie Ducharme to join me as a guest. Jamie is a health writer for Time who has covered not only the risk associated with e-cigarettes but also the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes among teens. In the show we discuss:

  • How e-cigarettes work
  • What is juuling
  • The legalities of marketing e-cigarettes and juuls to minors
  • The popularity of e-cigarettes and juuls among teens and tweens
  • The dangers of e-cigarettes and juuls
  • The notion that e-cigarettes and juuls may be a gateway for non-smokers to actually start smoking
  • What a juul looks like and what parents need to be on the lookout for
  • Why the juul company has no intention in changing the design

We end this segment of the podcast discussing breaking news from the FDA concerning restriction of sales of flavored e-cigarettes.

In the odds & ends segment of today's episode, I'm revisiting a fan-favorite -- if I had a VCR, I'd tape this -- where I discuss what I'm binge-watching on Netflix at the moment. Having just wrapped up Part 2 of Making a Murderer, I'm offering insight (as spoiler free as possible) into why I liked this season of the documentary even more than Part 1 and specifically encouraging fans of the show to start following Kathleen Zellner on Twitter if they aren't already to stay up to date on breaking news in the case, and specifically to learn more about the potential additional suspects in the case.

Today’s episode and so many of the show topics this season I’m addressing are direct requests from listeners. If you have a topic you’d like to hear more about, let me know! Submit a show idea here, connect by leaving me a voicemailtag or message me on social media (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) or email me at

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