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Mar 26, 2018

If the phrase "home-based fitness" makes you think of DVDs and ellipticals collecting dust in the corner, you haven't met a Peloton owner. The internet-connected spin bike has reached almost cultish status in a very quick time, but is it worth the hype (and price tag)?  

In this episode I interview Kim Nelson -- owner and creative director of Red Chalk Studios, a brand development, marketing and creative agency in Virginia Beach, VA. After years of a traditional gym membership, Kim found herself in need of a change that fit her busy schedule. Peloton was the answer she was looking for. In the episode we discuss:  

  • How a Peloton bike is different from a stationary or regular spin bike
  • How Peloton as a streaming service keeps things fresh and new for its riders
  • What options are available for streaming other than the live Peloton classes
  • How spinning in a Peloton class offers metrics that foster competition and personal bests
  • The costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a Peloton  
  • What Kim thinks about the quality of Peloton, both their products and their communications

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