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Feb 5, 2018

As unmillennials, choosing a "protein powder" used to mean choosing between vanilla or chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast powder. But walk down the supplement aisle of your local supermarket and you may wonder if you're actually in a bodybuilder's kitchen. Mega-jars of protein powders have gone mainstream, but do you really know if any of these powders are for you, what benefits they offer or how to choose one?

Today's podcast features frequent show contributor, Dr. Chris Mohr, a nationally-known nutrition and fitness expert who has been helping women understand the importance of protein in their diets for years. Today he's back with me to discuss: 

  • Current protein recommendations for women per meal
  • Benefits of consuming recommended amounts of protein per meal
  • How protein powders fit into these protein recommendations
  • The differences between various protein powders -- including whey, casein, soy, pea protein and more
  • A clarification about soy myths and reassurance that soy protein powders can be a healthful option for individuals who want an alternative to milk-based protein (I also offer a disclaimer that while the research Chris shares is not sponsor-related, he and I both attended a sponsored conference recently where this research was presented. Our attendance was partially sponsored to attend this conference.)

To close out the show, I share a quick recap of a New York Times article I shared recently in the This Unmillennial Life Facebook group on the naming recommendations of the next generation behind millennials. And lastly, I preview a discussion happening in the group about all the different "millennialisms" we DON'T care for (spoiler: "AF" and "Adulting" are hot button no-no's in the unmillennial world).

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