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Nov 20, 2017

There are no shortages of food blogs and magazine covers promising spectacular menus and dishes for your Thanksgiving meal, but what if staying in the kitchen all day is the last thing you want to do?

Kids want your attention, parents and relatives complain of never seeing you and all you want is a break from all the frenzy. If this sounds all too familiar, today's episode is the holiday helper you never knew you needed.

On today's episode of This Unmillennial Life, I'm chatting with Kathleen Phillips, author of Magic Cakes (<- Amazon affiliate link) and the food blog, GritsandGoudaas she shares her favorite shortcut cooking tips for the holiday season. In the episode, Kathleen discusses: 

  • How you only need 2 ingredients to make Southern scratch biscuits
  • Why her caramel frosting is fail-proof
  • Whether boxed cake mixes make the cut in her kitchen
  • How to make easy clean-up of roasting your Thanksgiving turkey
  • Where to find an extra warming-oven (spoiler: a kitchen remodel isn't the answer)
  • Other ways to make old-fashioned holiday treats with new-fashioned convenience

In the show, Kathleen also teases a few of her favorite recipes from her food blog that would make excellent (and easy) additions to your holiday menu:

To wrap up the show, I am previewing three of my favorite apps that help you connect with family, preserve memories and lastly, shave a little time listening to your favorite podcasts.  

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