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Nov 5, 2018

Can a keto diet be healthy? It's a question debated among dietitians, asked frequently in the media and pondered among friends interested in losing weight. While you can easily find vocal proponents of a ketogenic diet and those who swear it off as if it's a nutritional nuisance, today's episode uncovers some of the more positive parts of a ketogenic diet approach to eating and acknowledges the reality that a keto diet isn't for everyone.

In this episode, I'm interviewing Christa Biegler, a registered dietitian nutritionist and host of The Less Stress Life podcast. Christa uses principles of a ketogenic diet in her practice for some patients and offers listeners the following insights on a keto diet:

  • The difference between a ketogenic diet and a "low carb" diet
  • The "right" way to do a ketogenic diet, including a focus on anti-inflammatory foods
  • Thoughts on whether or not a ketogenic diet is a lifelong option
  • Patients that are most suited to try a ketogenic diet and those that are not
  • Insights on the best methods to determine if a person is in ketosis

Christa rounds out the segment discussing how/why/when she chooses to incorporate a keto diet with her clients and why she believes it's not always the best place to start. After my interview with Christa, I give listeners both my thoughts on framing the internal dialog around the desire to lose weight and provide one additional perspective on ketogenic diets by my friend and colleague, Dr. Chris Mohr.  

In the wrap up to the show, I do something a little different. I share a recap of the Life Changing Chili recipe I shared on Halloween via the This Unmillennial Life Facebook Group. It's a simple 4 ingredient chili recipe that friends, family, and fans tell me is one of their all-time faves. It's just so simple... you can't help but love it!

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