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Apr 23, 2018

A phone used to be the thing you hoped would ring and your best friend would be on the other line waiting to tell you about her day. Now, it's your taxi service, shopping cart, yogi and to-do list. No matter what it is, there's always an app for that. The question is which ones are the best apps for your life?

In this episode I'm flying solo... or rather, giving voice to all the unmillennials of the This Unmillennial Life Facebook group who shared with me their fave "best apps" for their phones. Not surprisingly, we are a generation who has embraced technology, but we're using it in different ways than our millennial counterparts. While my "research" is just a query of friends, it dovetails with what I've found to be the case in my life and those of my friends -- we are BUSY and use the best apps to help streamline, organize, connect and maybe - if we have a minute to ourselves - entertain. 

In the show I go through each of these general categories of best apps to pull out specifics of either what I've personally found helpful about an app OR what fans of the show shared with me. It's interesting to note that the biggest stand-out categories were Health/Wellness and Organization. You might say we all want to feel better and live better. I for one am glad there's an app for that.

Here are the best apps the unmillennials I spoke with rely on. I'd love to hear your faves!



Health & Wellness:


Groceries & Food


Office & Organization




Photography & Edit


Listening & Entertaining:






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