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Feb 26, 2018

Feeling sluggish and tired may seem like a run of the mill complaint for unmillennials working long days and having sleepless nights. But what if it's more than just routine fatigue? What if there's a problem with your thyroid?

Today's podcast answers the call from a listener of the show who requested an episode on thyroid health. Featuring two dietitians who are experts in thyroid treatment and culinary nutrition, the show covers everything from why thyroid issues seem to plague women after childbirth to why experts recommend elimination diets to get to the root cause of some thyroid issues. In my first interview, I speak with Lisa Markley, co-author of The Thyroid Cookbook (<- affiliate link). We discuss: 

  • Lisa's history of being diagnosed with Hashimoto's
  • The role that the thyroid gland plays in our overall health and metabolism
  • What "red flags" women might look out for that signal a thyroid issue
  • The challenges women often face in getting their medical doctor to treat thyroid conditions
  • The importance of being your own healthcare advocate if you suspect a thyroid problem
  • Lisa's favorite recipes from her cookbook

Before closing out this segment, I also share what my dietitian friend, Danielle Omar, shared with me about the protocol she uses in her practice to help women detect what foods may be at the root cause of their underlying inflammation related to hypothyroidism.

To close out the show, I take a timely look at one of my favorite beauty products/routines for this time of year as the weather warms -- self-tan. I provide insights shared to me via Facebook and specifically recommend the following products (some of these links may be affiliate links):

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