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Feb 12, 2018

The Jetsons told us growing up that the future of our car experience was up in the air, literally. And while that day may be coming, in the year 2018 the biggest change we've seen in how people get from place to place has to be the overwhelming popularity of ride-sharing apps, like Uber. 

Today's podcast features Uber Chronicles author, Jessie Newburn. Jessie started driving for Uber after a period of professional set-backs just to get some momentum going in the right direction. What the experience has offered her is a whole new perspective on the unique social opportunity inviting someone unknown into your car offers. In this episode we discuss: 

  • The basics behind "What Uber Is"
  • Why she first became a driver
  • Why she first decided to write a book about her experiences as an Uber driver
  • The Pros/Cons of the Uber rating system
  • Tips on how to be a better Uber rider

To close out the show, I briefly address the reality that Uber - like other ride sharing services and taxis for that matter - does still pose some safety risk, so users should be knowledgable of those before they sign up. I share safety tips that I follow and the ones that Uber recommends on its site.  

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