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Dec 4, 2017

From concerns about saying the wrong thing to not knowing how to help, you may find yourself feeling completely inadequate when faced with knowing someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This episode of the podcast touches on that possibility and most importantly, shares a personal account from Maggie Van Duyn of what life has been like after her being diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer in her late 30s.

In the show Maggie shares: 

  • A brief account of her diagnosis
  • What types of things friends can do/say that are helpful in a trying time like the days surrounding a new diagnosis
  • How friends can better navigate conversations about terminal illness around children
  • Why it's important for people to reach out with compassion and caring, even when paralyzed with fear they'll say the wrong thing
  • How being "left out" is one of the more hurtful parts of living with illness 

I close my interview with Maggie as she shares the story of her Cancer Card initiative through her site, Maggie's Bright Side. Maggie's ability to manage life with illness, through treatment, while parenting and on top of it start a benefit for fellow cancer patients in Vermont is nothing short of amazing and all to inspiring.  

Before I wrap up the show, I share a few tips from a recent article by Foodlet that my friend Sally of Real Mom Nutrition shared on her Facebook page. The post offers ideas for families to give back in their communities during the holidays, with a special discussion on the importance of giving to food banks. 

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