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Nov 3, 2021

This is one of those topics you never really want to have the experience to write with great authority, yet here I am. Today, I’m officially four months out from my last chemo treatment, more than 6 months out from my first surgery, and finished with radiation.

I will forever be grateful for the many cards, flowers, gifts, care packages, meals, and more that have been shared with me throughout this experience. My hope for this post is that it be a blessing to you by helping you support someone in your life and in turn, that gift will be a blessing to them.

There are a few ground rules I want to give you though before you jump into this list.

First, my cancer experience is my cancer experience and these gift ideas are simply a result of my what I’ve lived through. (If you’re new here, I recommend listening to The {full length} Breast Cancer Diagnosis Episode to learn a little more about my cancer journey.)

One thing remains true about all of it, unfortunately. It sucks. Period. I’m sorry, but there’s really no other way to put it. I ain’t fun, but if the stats are correct, it’s saving millions of lives, mine included. And anything you can do to make someone’s life a little bit better while they’re going through it is a gift.

Third, having said all that I say this — I can only give you insights into gifts that were either helpful or meaningful to me based on who I am and what my experience has been like. At the end of the day, some gifts you’ll simply know to give based on your relationship with a person.

So don’t overthink it.

A heartfelt prayer, a kind gesture, a card, a phone call, a text…. Having people checking in on you, encouraging you, letting you know how much you mean to them… they don’t sell that on Amazon. So don’t hesitate to make your gift simply that of care, prayer, and concern. Say it with me:

Gifts don’t always come with a price tag or in a package.”

But for the times that you want to materially give something to someone diagnosed with breast cancer and/or going through chemo and/or radiation, here’s my advice:

Give gifts that inspire, comfort, pamper or provide a solution to a problem.

In this post on is my list of gifts people gave to me that did just that (and a few ideas of my own).