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Oct 16, 2017

A skimpy selection of weights, a broken treadmill and a crowded room of conference goers -- hotel gyms often lack the allure of your regular routine and can make you want to hit snooze instead of lacing up your sneakers. But don't let a bad hotel gym sideline your good intentions. With a few smart tips you can make the most of in-room options and be prepared to keep up your workouts on the go.

In today's episode, I interview Amie Hoff, inventor of the FitKit and uncover new ideas for keeping up your workouts while traveling. You'll hear:

  • Tips for in-room fitness options -- no equipment required.
  • Tips for "other" places within the hotel to get in a workout, including how to make the most of your hotel hallway and stairwells.
  • Why you only need 15 minutes to get in a good workout.
  • How getting up and getting in a quick workout may actually make you more productive on the road.
  • What's in a FitKit and how these few simple, light pieces of packable equipment can open up hundreds of new exercises you can do in your room. (To purchase your own FitKit using the discount Amie offered listeners in the show, use the code "UNMILLENNIALLIFE.")

I close out this week's show first with a promise to post some of the hotel workouts I do when I stay in a hotel that has a decent selection of weights. (Images posted below). And lastly, I share listener submitted answers to the question "What Makes You So Unmillennial?" I also share a personal invite for listeners to join the This Unmillennial Life Group on Facebook to help group-think a list of "If I had a VCR I'd tape this" recommendations for binge-worthy TV. 

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Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer. If you're new to working out, please consult your physician first.

These workouts were compiled from various workouts I read about online. I've found them to be doable in most any hotel gym with just a little bit of room and a few weights. The last of these workouts is a BodyPump inspired set of reps geared toward high-rep, slightly lighter weight. The 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 refer to the timing of the move (so 1 x 1 being a faster 1 sec up and 1 sec down move and 2 x 2 being a slower move). Note that "slightly lighter" does not mean light. You should choose weight heavy enough that at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through the workout you are feeling fatigue to the point of questioning your weight choice. As my friend Katie Webster (former BodyPump instructor) likes to say "You should be a little scared that you chose too much weight." 

30 minute full body hotel gym workout

30 minute hotel gym workout for legs

30 minute BodyPump inspired hotel gym workout for arms