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Apr 6, 2020

A Note from Regan: When this podcast was originally recorded, health & wellness had a very different meaning than the acute health crisis we found ourselves in as of the date of this post — April 6, 2020. When you listen, please keep that in mind. The recommendations given are meant for a time when health routines and daily living return to normal. The most important health consideration right now is to stay home and stay well, friends. Much love, Regan.

“Do you need to take a supplement if you have an otherwise healthy diet?”

It’s a question I get asked a lot and my very simple answer is “Yes!” But what you take, what brand you buy and in what dose can differ from person to person.

Joining me in today’s episode is Dr. Michael A. Smith, the Director of Education for Life Extension® — the world’s leading organization dedicated to helping people stay healthy and live better. Dr. Mike is an author, national spokesperson and is a graduate of the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. He completed his internship in internal medicine at the University of Utah and completed three years of residency at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why someone might need a dietary supplement even if they eat fairly healthfully
  • How people know if they’re purchasing a high-quality product
  • Why third party testing of raw materials for supplements is so important and why consumers should ask for the Certificate of Analysis to verify they’re getting the highest quality product possible
  • What regulatory bodies of the Federal Government (FTC & FDA) oversee the regulation of supplements and ensure their safety

I close out this part of the show with a brief overview of the supplements I take each day, which includes Menopause 731 (check out The Perimenopause Episode for more information on this product…it’s been a game-changer in supporting the alleviation of the discomforts of night sweats for me); vitamin D (a supplement I’ll discuss in greater detail here on the blog very soon); Omega 3s (be sure to listen to Part 2 of The Kids & Concussions Episode if you aren’t sure why Omega 3s are important); magnesium (Hope you didn’t you miss The Magnesium Episode last week!) and a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral. I’m also presently taking additional vitamin C and zinc for immune system support. [To purchase any of the products mentioned in today's episode AND to receive $10 off any purchase of $75 or more, visit]

Wrapping up this episode, I offer a brief conversation in the Odds & Ends ending about my recent experience getting an Alaskan sourdough starter, started. If you’d like to follow along as I continue experimenting and baking sourdough, be sure you’re following me on Instagram where I post daily about my sourdough experience.

Thanks so much for tuning in this week. I know there’s a lot of news to take in right now. Thanks for making me a part of what you’re choosing to listen to today. ~Regan