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Oct 8, 2017

Staying somewhere completely unknown can seem either really adventurous or super scary, depending on your perspective. As unmillennials, we've grown up and into the world of hotels. Our generation invented and mastered hotel booking online through sites like Orbtiz and Expedia. But with the disruptive technology of Airbnb, a whole new world of homes is available to travelers. The question is though, is it right for everyone?

In today's episode, I get out of the studio and on the road to bring you a live narrative of my first Airbnb experience. You'll hear:

  • Wendy Jo (a listener of the show and author of BornToEat) describes her experience using Airbnb throughout Europe.
  • My friend and travel companion for the weekend, Deanna of TeaspoonofSpice discuss her experience with Airbnb -- from staying in a room in someone's home (while they were there), to what the booking process is like, to her experience with Airbnb when something "went wrong" with her booking.
  • A live walk-through of the home we rented in rural Pennsylvania, including the (surprising) discovery that the home and second bedroom was the exam room for a midwife practice.
  • My departing thoughts pulling away from the rental and admittedly, not having slept as well as I would've hoped on why Airbnb may not always be the best for me personally.

I close out this week's show with a new segment of "What Makes You So Unmillennial?" featuring Brynn, who is hanging onto some very unmillennial calendar habits and Jessica, who really captures what I think many women across multiple generations experience -- the struggle of work/life balance. I offer my thoughts on the subject with some specific insights I learned recent from a millennial who understands the importance of guarding your heart and mind when consuming social media.

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