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Feb 10, 2020

Everyone has it. Nobody wants to talk about it. Gas can be a normal by-product of digestion, but not always. Today's episode discusses why.

In this episode, I'm joined again by friend and fellow registered dietitian, Kate Scarlata -- one of the nation's leading experts on all things gut health. In this show, we discuss:

  • What's normal and what's not when it comes to gas
  • Why we have gas in the first place
  • Why having gas can actually be a good sign of things happening in our digestive system
  • When "more gas" might mean a trip to your healthcare provider is in order
  • How excess protein consumption can cause an increase in gas and cause gas to become more smelly
  • How eating too much protein may be associated with a more pathogenic and pro-inflammatory microbiome
  • Why eating certain fibers with protein may actually reduce these negative effects
  • What causes painful gas
  • How a high-fat diet may actually make trapped gas worse
  • Steps to take to alleviate painful, trapped gas
  • The role plant-based food and fiber play in the production of gas
  • Tips to increase fiber consumption without negative effects

Lastly, we debunk the myth that flying actually *causes* more gas.

I end the show with a brief discussion about the book I'm reading right now -- The 5 Love Languages -- an older read, but one that I'm finding very helpful. I also preview my thoughts on the new binge-worthy show from Apple TV -- The Morning Show -- and discuss whether or not I think it should make my "If I had a VCR I'd tape this" list.

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