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Nov 18, 2019

Get a breast lift vs. breast implants? It's a decision some women in midlife may be thinking about. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and aging can all lead to changes in a woman's breasts that she may want to alter. Today's episode details one woman's decision to get a breast lift, her experience, and recovery.

Joining me in this episode is my friend Holly, who listeners have previously been introduced to on The Crossfit Episode. In this show we discuss:

  • Why she decided on a breast lift vs. breast implants
  • How she found her surgeon
  • What the pre-surgery, surgery & post-surgery process for a breast lift was like
  • How long recovery took
  • How having a breast lift impacted her ability to exercise
  • How her decision to have a breast lift was viewed by family and friends
  • What the scarring has been like

We also discuss a scare Holly had during the recovery period after she experienced a rare incident in which the blood vessels in one of her breasts opened and began to leak blood, leading to a hematoma.

Today’s commercial break is a reminder that Audible is offering listeners of This Unmillennial Life a free audiobook and free 30-day trial by visiting As I promised recently in The Self Care Episode, I’m working on a Game of Thrones episode. I’m late to the GOT fandom, but I’ve arrived with 110% intensity in embracing all things related to the world of Westeros, including reading the books and binging my way through my favorite Game of Thrones podcast — Binge Mode.

I was able to carve out enough time recently during traveling to read the first book in the series — A Game of Thrones — but I’ve opted to download the second book, A Clash of Kings, on Audible. I’m encouraging listeners of this podcast to join me in listening to the GOT books OR to simply start trying out audiobooks if they haven’t already.

To end the show, I share important news about Instagram’s recent announcement to begin testing out hidden Like counts as a measure specifically aimed at reducing the pressure kids & teens are feeling as a result of these public-facing metrics. I also provide a clip of input provided to me on this topic from the founder of Children and Screens, which includes a plea to Instagram and other social media sites to eliminate Likes all together. I also personally encourage listeners to check out the book Digital Minimalism to gain a better understanding of the slot machine mechanisms that most social media sites implement to keep users on their sites. Lastly, I offer a brief reminder of the Screentime limits function of the iPhone and the success my family has had in using Verizon’s Smart Family app coupled with our in-home Eero Wi-Fi system.

I close out today’s episode – the last one before the Thanksgiving holidays – with a few more fond food memories shared in the This Unmillennial Life Facebook group. First, a cranberry jello memory from Carina and next, two memories from Shelley – including a favorite fudge and a discussion on sweet potato casserole.

Thanks so much for listening, subscribing and downloading this week’s episode. And as always, thank you for sharing with a friend. Please take a moment to leave a 5 Star Rating on iTunes if you haven’t already!

I look forward to bringing you a new episode after the holidays! ~Regan

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