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Oct 2, 2017

Do you cuff jeans over booties or tuck them in? Are shoulder-less shirts in or out? What's the rule with skinny jeans again?

Questions about what to wear can get a little more complicated after 40. Not wanting to look too young is as much of a battle as not wanting to dress "too old." In today's podcast, I'm talking again with ChicMadeSimple's Tracy James about how to answer these types of questions.

Today's show covers:

  • The shoulder-less shirt -- In or Out?
  • Where women after 40 should shop -- department store, bargain bin or fancy boutique?
  • Can online ordering help with curating the perfect outfit?
  • Are any stores "off limits" for the after 40 crowd?
  • What's the deal with jeans these days -- skinny, flared, low-waisted, high-waisted or who knows?
  • What's the best way to wear booties -- to tuck or not to tuck?

I wrap up my conversation with Tracy by expanding on the idea of having a "list" that guides your purchases and offering a personal invite to listeners to share their feedback by leaving me a voicemail OR joining the This Unmillennial Life Facebook Group.

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