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Oct 21, 2019

You've heard your friends say the Instant Pot changed their lives, but all yours is doing is {at best} cooking rice and {at worst} simply collecting dust. Annemarie Rossi of Real Food Real Deals joins me in this episode to unlock all the best ideas for what to make in an Instant Pot.

As a food blogger with page after page of family-friendly Instant Pot ideas, Annemarie is the perfect guest for today's show. Her recipes are budget-conscious, but always crowd-pleasers. In this episode we discuss:

  • Why she resisted buying an Instant Pot originally
  • How many times per week she currently uses her Instant Pot
  • Why an Instant Pot is much more than just an electric pressure cooker -- including the slow cooker, keep warm, saute and yogurt functions plus more
  • The safety aspects of an Instant Pot

We also walk through Annemarie's favorite Instant Pot ideas and recipes, including:

We wrap up our discussion of Instant Pot ideas with a brief discussion of my extra Instant Pot insert and the silicone Instant Pot lids I use to cover the insert and store in the fridge.

Before ending the show today, I'm sharing a brief update and personal discussion on my newly acquired Certified Personal Trainer credentials through The American College of Sports Medicine. I first shared this announcement on Instagram and appreciate all of you who have reached out with words of congrats.

I hope to hear from you if YOU have more Instant Pot ideas we didn't cover in this episode. Leave me a voicemail on the Contact page. Until next week... take care.