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Sep 22, 2017

As most women know, having a closet full of clothes doesn't always mean you have something to wear. Whether it's wishing you could fit in that perfect pair of black pants you wore to your class reunion or realizing this year's styles needed to find you about 15 years earlier, navigating the changing waters of fashion after 40 can sometimes make you want to shut the closet door and forget what's inside.

Today's show is the first in a two part series with fashion and style expert Tracy James of ChicMadeSimple aimed at helping women not only embrace a "what's right for me" style mentality, but also prep their closets for their next round of quality (versus quantity) fashion purchases.

In this episode Tracy discusses:

  • her background in the fashion industry and how it's helped her understand real women and their fashion worries
  • why she doesn't believe in hard and fast fashion rules and instead, offers insights for women to embrace the look that's right for their individual figures
  • why treating your closet like a "garden to be weeded" helps not only inspire confidence, but also inventories your clothing needs in a way to make future purchases more efficient and inspiring
  • how donating clothes -- even those that still have the tags on them -- can be beneficial on many levels

I break my conversation with Tracy into two parts -- you'll hear the other one next week -- to give listeners time to embrace Tracy's tips and begin the closet clean out and organization she mentions. Next week, we return with specific fashion insights and answering questions from the This Unmillennial Life Facebook Group about topics ranging from finding the right fit of jeans to begging for shoulder-less tops to fall away.

To close out the show, I'll revisit one of my favorite segments -- If I Had A VCR I'd Tape This -- with my recommendation for a Netflix program I found both educational, entertaining and enlightening. 

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