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Nov 12, 2018

Tiredness, sleep issues, weight gain, digestive issues -- are these isolated symptoms or a sign of a bigger problem? According to some experts, it may be related to a non-medical diagnosis known as Adrenal Fatigue.

While opinions differ on whether or not adrenal fatigue is "real" or really over-hyped, there's no denying the cluster of symptoms often associated with the condition are of real concern to many women. Today's guest is Cynthia Thurlow -- a nurse practitioner who specializes in the treatment of adrenal fatigue. In this episode she discusses:

  • how adrenal fatigue is not yet recognized as a medical diagnosis
  • why the cluster of symptoms is clinically relevant without a diagnosis
  • what the most common cluster of symptoms are
  • what defines a state of being "overstimulated"
  • additional lifestyle factors that contribute to adrenal fatigue
  • why "working harder and harder" isn't a badge of honor in terms of a woman's health
  • what women are most at risk for adrenal fatigue

Because adrenal fatigue is such a hot - and hotly debated topic - I wanted to offer up a few more viewpoints about the condition. First, I share some brief but candid feedback from registered dietitian Elizabeth Ward who expresses significant concern over practitioners treating a condition that isn't recognized by the medical community. Next, I offer some additional insights from registered dietitian Danielle Omar on how she works with clients to address the symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue but prefers to avoid the label.

I'm closing out this episode with a recommendation for a new-to-me podcast, Light the Fight. I first learned of the podcast month's ago when a listener recommended it as a resource for a potential show on teen suicide (a show that I continue to work on producing, but haven't yet been able to secure Heidi Swapp -- the show's host -- as a guest on my show.) But it wasn't until I recently queried the This Unmillennial Life Facebook group and the show was once again recommended as a good listen to address the topic of Emotional Resiliency that I decided to start listening. I'm now hooked and hope that listeners of this show - especially those that are parents - will give it a try.

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