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Oct 1, 2018

If your trips to the gym aren't producing results, is it time to consider hiring a personal trainer? Viewed by some as a luxury item only few can afford, personal trainers can actually be a cost-effective way to ensure you're getting the most from your workouts. Today's show uncovers the reasons why a personal trainer might be a good choice and more importantly, what to look for in a personal trainer.  

In this episode, I'm chatting with my friend and colleague -- Jim White of Jim White Fitness. A nationally-recognized fitness expert and registered dietitian, Jim's been a leader in the fitness industry for years and has a well-established level of expertise in this area. He shares with listeners:

  • The range of prices you can expect to pay when hiring a personal trainer
  • The importance of finding a credentialed professional
  • Which credentials are most reputable in the fitness industry
  • Why just "training" isn't where a personal trainer relationship ends and the importance of getting your trainer to write out a long-term plan

To end the show I'm giving a quick update on my own family's cord cutting experience as follow up to last week's Cord Cutting Episode

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