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Jan 15, 2018

If checking your heart rate is something you only have done at an annual check-up, maybe it's time to look into the "theory" behind one of the nation's hottest fitness brands -- Orangetheory.

Grounded in research that shows the "after-burn" effect of high-intensity, cardio-blasting workouts (read: high heart rates), Orangetheory promises "strength, more energy, and more life." But does it live up to its promises?

Today's episode features Katy Widrick -- group fitness instructor, multi-media producer, blogging genius and personal friend of the show. Katy has made Orangetheory a dedicated part of her fitness journey and is sharing with listeners why. In the show, we discuss:

  • The premise behind the "zones" of Orangetheory workouts
  • Why the class is so much more than a "cardio" class
  • How the class is structured and how newbies can best orient themselves the first time they go
  • Why Orangetheory is so effective in a short amount of time, but not the place to chat with friends
  • What it feels like to gain functional fitness as a working mom to two small children
  • Why Orangetheory is customizable for every level, but not for the casual fitness seeker. It's serious business.

To close out the show, I'm sharing a few updates and follow-ups to The Eyelashes Episode.Our most popular episode to date, this show continues to live beyond the podcast on the This Unmillennial Life Facebook Group .Through that group I learned about an alternative to prescription serums -- castor oil (<- affiliate link). I also share my experience trying out another "over the counter" (read: buy it easily online at Amazon <- affiliate link) eyelash growth serum, GrandeLASH-MD

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