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Aug 29, 2017


Getting a good night's sleep is the stuff dreams are made of for many women. But all too often the foods we eat, drinks we drink and habits we keep are preventing the slumber we so deserve and desperately need. In this episode, I share not only the top tips experts recommend for uncovering an approach to a better night's sleep, but also share my personal experiences battling insomnia.

On the show you'll learn about:

  • The high prevalence of insomnia among women, and especially stay-at-home moms
  • How sleep disturbances are linked to both depression and expanding waistlines
  • What Top 3 Foods/Drinks registered dietitian Emily Field sees in her own practice as impacting sleep the most
    • (To learn more about stable blood sugar, sleep and Emily's approach to balanced nutrition you can connect with her at
  • My personal experience with both alcohol and caffeine and what changes I made when I was desperate for a good night's sleep
  • The impact exercise has on sleep -- both good and bad
  • Strategies to summon sleep in your bedroom, including what temperature to keep your room
  • When/How to use melatonin to reset your body clock
    • (To purchase the melatonin drops I mention in the show, visit [affiliate link]

To close out the show, you'll also hear from Sally at RealMomNutrition on "What Makes Her SO Unmillennial." If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming show, send us a voicemail at OR, join our This Unmillennial Life Facebook Group to keep the conversation going. I'd love to hear what's on your mind. Lastly, if you enjoyed the show please leave us a rating and review.

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