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Nov 6, 2017

Magazine covers may tout the importance of protein for weight loss, but what if the benefits go far beyond that?

Today's episode of This Unmillennial Life uncovers why protein as we age (starting as early as our 30s!) is so important to maintain lifelong health and independence, plus covers one of the more common quick-to-grab protein options -- protein bars -- and identifies the best choices.

In the show I interview Chris Mohr, RD, PhD (Don't miss the interview I did with Chris in The CrossFit Episode) and Jessica Crandall, RD, CDE, AFAA. We discuss: 

  • The importance of eating protein throughout the day
  • How much protein to aim for at each meal
  • What an adequate serving size of protein looks like
  • Why some protein bars may be glorified candy bars
  • What you should look for on the label when choosing a protein bar
  • What ratio of protein to calories makes up a good protein bar choice
  • How choosing low-calorie foods (like low-calorie nut milks) may seem like a good idea but is actually hindering your ability to get enough protein
  • What ingredients to look for on the labels of protein bars that make them a good or not-so-good choice
  • Whether or not protein bars are safe choices for kids

I close out this week's show with my personal recommendations for 4 protein bars I like and recommend (which include ALDI Elevation Mint Chocolate bars, Think Thin Brownie Crunch, Pure Protein Salted Caramel and Rx Bars). I also discuss my thoughts on Quest protein bars. (Spoiler: I'm not a fan of Quest personally for taste and digestibility, but know many people love it so I recommend it as one you may want to try.)

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